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Life COach. Author. Motivational Speaker. Journaling Guru.

We are all figuring out this thing called “life”. Navigating despair, loneliness, fear, and loss cannot be done without compassion and understanding. And we can’t do it alone. We are shaped by our experiences on this journey, whether they have been at the hands of other’s choices, our own or both. We are always learning lessons, if we are willing. Be broken, be vulnerable. It’s how we grow.

The first thing I will tell you is to be kind to yourself. There is hope. I’m here to CONNECT with you and teach you to make good use of your disasters.

What does this mean for you? I can help you find your way.


Learn to identify your ‘triggers’

Learn strategies to calm those triggers

Feel the power of forgiveness

Reshape your Perspective

Be in complete control of your life

Overcome trauma

Achieve happiness and peace