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Meet Helen



Born in Toronto, Ontario Canada in 1962, Helen was shuttled between her birth mother and various foster homes eight times before her adoption at age four. She lived in rural Ontario with her adoptive parents: an alcoholic father and a cold, distant mother. In 1983, she struck out on her own and moved west to the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. She began her professional life with a major Canadian travel and tour operator.

A new chapter in Helen’s life began when her son was only three years old. She embarked on a 25 year career as an entrepreneur. In 2008, she published her first book 53 Grove Road, a stirring memoir of her struggle to survive the foster care system and her adoption into a dysfunctional family.

Today Helen shares her story with the hope that others can move forward with forgiveness and peace.


“Helen’s spirit and humour can only be described as charismatic.She asks questions and listens to your answers, making you laugh and cry with her quick wit and gut-wrenching stories of her past.I always feel lucky to have Helen in my life as I know I become a better person every time we are together”  
-Stephanie O’Brien