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Motivational Speaker

Perhaps it is a by-product of her childhood. Perhaps it’s just Helen Rose. Author of the evocative memoir 53 Grove Road, she pulls no punches in her speaking presentations on grief, resiliency, forgiveness and moving forward. Her frank and open manner draws in her audience while putting them at ease. No question is off-limits, though the answers may surprise.

Helen Rose is a compelling speaker whose presentations off provoke both laughter and tears. 53 Grove Road has served as a natural jumping off point for spirited discussions about her childhood experience of the foster care and adoption systems and her honest, yet compassionate examination of alcoholism, abuse and family dysfunction.

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Life Coach

Coaching helps you produce extraordinary results in your life, career, business and personal relationships. Through the time spent together, coach and client establish a deep level of trust and connection. The client (you) chooses the focus of conversation while the coach (me) listens and offers observations and questions. After all, you hold the answers, within you. This creates clarity and moves you into action, freeing you from baggage that you may no longer need to carry. My role is to concentrate on where you are now, and help you map out your future.

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“Creative, passionate, resilient and courageous

Engaged, Authentic

Helen has a powerful story of triumph over trauma that will benefit many audiences and individuals”

- A. Stanwick