Journaling Retreats


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  • Learn to put your innermost thoughts on paper

  • Hold those thoughts still so they can be changed and integrated

  • Process your ‘stuff’ in a natural and appropriate way

  • Release pent-up thoughts and emotions

  • Begin your journey towards healing

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“Had the most amazing day today with Helen Rose and a group of women. I haven't had such a great, laughter filled, intriguing, story telling, "in the vault" sort of day like this before and I would highly recommend it to everyone, male or female. Helen is delightful, funny, and has the gift of drawing things out of people, exploring our paths, journeys, patterns, and guiding us with light through the past so that we walk away with the tools to recognize life is filled with lessons and gifts if we are open to them and that clarity can come with taking the time to journal.
Catch a day with her next time. You will be happy you did.” H. Hames