Journaling Retreats


Upcoming Retreats

…2019 dates to be announced

Write It Out! Shout it Out! Get it Out!

  • Learn to put your innermost thoughts on paper

  • Hold those thoughts still so they can be changed and integrated

  • Process your ‘stuff’ in a natural and appropriate way

  • Release pent-up thoughts and emotions

  • Heal

What’s Included?

  • 2 days of journaling

  • Private life coaching session with Helen to include motivational map - 8/10 people do not know what motivates them (do you?)

  • Catered meals on site

  • Accommodation (optional)

  • Yoga and mindfulness practices with Henri Ferguson - embrace the authentic quality of your being clearly expressed (optional)

  • An afternoon with professional photographer Alexis McKeown who shows us the beauty we have within (optional)

  • Goodie bag - that’s a surprise

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